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Emotion: Anger

Anger: We all have it. It is not a fun emotion - although it feels better than depression or sadness. It is still extremely uncomfortable, and can result in all kinds of negative complications, so it's best to address it when you notice it.

Essential oils are great for calming the fury. I like Melissa, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang. You can wear the oils neat on the body, or diffuse them.

I find it helpful to understand that depression is anger turned inward, so if I don't acknowledge and work with my own anger, then the next predicament will likely be depression.

For obvious reasons, you have to be really careful with processing your anger. You don't want to dump it on someone else, however justified you might feel you are. Your anger is yours - I have heard it said in Buddhist teachings that "the seed of anger is within you" - meaning no one else can really "make" you angry - the seed is in you. Another person can water your seed - can trigger you - but the most likely unhealed seed of some past injustice is in you, and the only one who can heal it is you.

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