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My Best Friend

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This is my best friend, Forest, when I adopted him from the Marin County Humane Society around ten years ago.

My grandson and I took a trip to Forestville on the Russian River and on the way back, stopped at the Humane Society to pick up Forest (ironically, Forest was his actual name). I had seen his cute face online, and called to inquire about him. They told me he could be adopted, but that they couldn't hold him for me - if he happened to be there, I could have him.

I was told that "Martha and Bob" were fostering him on their farm - (and that is where he developed his life-long love of fluffy white dogs).

His story: A young man had adopted him and then had several children. He claimed Forest "peed on the children," so they stuck him in the garage in a crate. I know he was scared and cold in that garage and I was told that the children came in and poked him with a stick. The man eventually took Forest to the Marin County Humane Society. It was cold and scary there and very stressful - lots of dogs barking. I know Forest was relieved to have Martha and Bob foster him on the farm.

We took him home and he has been the "best dog in the world," and is definitely my best friend. He has not one ounce of guile. His personality is sweet and loving. I couldn't have found a better dog or friend.

Update: Forest passed away at around age 15. I pray he enjoyed his life with me. I miss him greatly, and have had a few "sightings," which gave me great comfort.

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