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Feng Shui: More than Moving Stuff

It's been more than almost 20 years since I was initiated into Black Hat Buddhist Feng Shui, and certified as a practitioner. I thought living in Santa Cruz, CA., that there would be a decent market for Feng Shui services, Wrong. Santa Cruz has an unusual demographic: Way-back-when it was known as the place for "Newly wed or Nearly Dead" - a sleepy beach town and retirement community. In the Sixties/Seventies, it became the Hippie Mecca and this "crunchy granola" perception has persisted, but there has always been another very conservative contingent in the mix. And students, lots and lots of students.

It turned out to be not a great place to practice Feng Shui (and I'm not sure, other than mainland China who banned the ancient art during the Cultural Revolution) what an ideal market is, but it is not Santa Cruz. So I had to supplement that business and went into real estate (just when the market was priming to tank (great timing!) . . . but that's another blog.

It's sad in the sense that Feng Shui is so useful! There are so many ways practicing Feng Shui can enhance your life. Very small changes can elicit amazingly positive results.

If you're open-minded and curious, text me to see if I can assist you.

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