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Training Manual for Life

Since, sadly, babies do not come with training manuals for navigating life, it would be nice if parents actually gave kids some philosophical hints as to why they might be here. In addition, it would be great if they were taught some actual life skills and were advised how to maneuver through challenges and hardships as they inevitably arise.

It could be life-changing if parents taught their kids coping skills! That things WILL go wrong and here are some healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety, etc.

The lack of such a manual and few, if any instructions from parents, can seriously handicap a person's life. In lieu of parental guidance, kids pick up key philosophies and narratives from TV, books, or fairytales. This was the case with me - and the "happily ever after" fairytale ending was something I seriously thought was a given outcome for any scenario!

Talk about a rude awakening!

Parents: Please give your kids some context and big picture perspective on life.

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